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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  February 2, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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ends. >> protest erupts in front the white house and a local family watches it after returning from egypt. >> heavy snow sent workers running. good evening. i'm jim vance. >> i'm doreen gentzler. wicked weather across the eastern half of the country tonight from chicago where drivers were trapped by zero visibility and snow squalls to the northeast where a nasty one-two punch will be followed by more snow this weekend. here is nbc's curt gregory. >> reporter: the sprawling storm leaving millions of americans struggling and digging out. the blizzard buried chicago. closing city schools for the first time in 12 years. >> wind gusts were between 60 and 70 miles an hour and visibility was at whiteout conditions. >> reporter: hundreds of cars are still stuck. o'hare international airport at a standstill. almost 14,000 flights canceled nationwide. interstates are slowly reopening
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in oklahoma after 20 inches of snow and ice. ice is the major problem in ohio and indiana. crews hustling to restore power to tens of thousands. behind the storm, fridged temperatures across much of the country. the latest blast from mother nature with six weeks of winter yet to come. kur grcurt gregory, nbc news. >> it is hard to believe temperatures reach flood the 50s today. >> many areas were in the 60s during the day today. take a look at the numbers. incredible numbers. it was actually kind of nice out there for a while. d.c. officially hit 52 degrees. look at quantico. 65. it was 67 in fredericksburg. look at the wind chills outside right now. it feels like 22 in frederick. 13 in hagerstown and 28 in
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quantico and 26 right now at reagan national airport. very cold night tonight. we are still seeing gusty winds. upwards of 10, 30 and even 40 miles an hour. it is going to be a very cold night tonight. i will let you know what you can wake up to and what to expect from the next storm. >> the latest from egypt where clashes between anti-government protesters and supporters of president hosni mubarak turned really violent today. it all began when mubarak supporters rode in to cairo central square on horses and on camels. tonight those clashes continued but there's word that anti-mubarak protesters are driving the government supporters out of the square. meanwhile, there have been several attacks on the western press. some say they were pepper sprayed, punched, threatened at gunpoint. the mubarak protesters say the assault were orchestrated by the government. that drew a sharp rebuke from the white house today. meantime, the calls for mubarak
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to step down are increasing. senator john mccain said today that mubarak should leave office immediately. scenes of violence and chaos reached the u.s. this afternoon. p prompted yet another rally outside the white house tonight. craig melvin spoke with some of those that are calling for the u.s. government to do even more. craig? >> reporter: struck tonight by the makeup of the protests at that time white house. there were lots of young people, lots of students as well. there are also a large number of older egyptian-born americans here tonight regardless of age. everyone here calling for the same thing. roughly 200 protesters screamed at the white house wednesday evening demanding president obama do more to force out hosni mubarak and usher in a new era of dem october. >> i they love what america
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stands for, the freedom. >> reporter: the bloody revolution continues. >> i think we are very lucky we got out when we did. i'm glad we didn't stay there one more day. >> reporter: these were not the pictures the family hoped to snap on their egyptian vacation. pat and her daughter, laurel, arrived in cairo last friday for what was supposed to be a 12-day getaway. instead for five days the alexandria family never left their hotel room. >> outside our window there were two, three buildings burning. black smoke in the sky. >> helicopters would be even with our balcony. >> reporter: while the violence, sometimes deadly chaos below, they insist they never felt like they were in any real danger. despite all of the scenes and images, it was a conversation with their egyptian tour guide that was most memorable. >> sometimes out of the ugliest
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mud a beautiful flou wore bloom and he loves egypt and hopes that it will be a good one for him and his children. >> reporter: back at the white house, we met a woman who left egypt for america 42 years ago. she told us she was chanting for the children as well. >> get out of college, can't find a job. they are on the internet every day and they see how the west lives. they just want to live. >> reporter: a number of the protesters we talked to tonight expressed the at the same time concern. they said they are worried if the conditions continues to worsen in their country, that islamic fundamentalists will increase their power in egypt. from the white house tonight, craig melvin, news4. >> thank you, craig. in college park, maryland, you can see the streets are relatively quiet at the moment but police are prepared for the alternative when the maryland/duke basketball game ends. hi, jackie. >> reporter: hello, doreen.
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the end of the game is a few minutes away. we can already see students behind us walking towards where there is going to be a bonfire. there want a lot of talk from school officials that say it is going to be different this year. now, we wanted to -- the bonfire is one of those things and also bars in downtown college park have been told to wet down their dumpsters at halftime so they can't be set on fire. mindful of what happened last year when things got out of control and a number of students came forward to complain the police were overly aggressive in their arrests. >> we learned from this thing and we are moving forward. we went a lot of time going back and training this summer. we have -- we have worked with our officers to let them know how the students are feelinging and what they are all about. and we have done the same thing with the students in the community as well. >> certainly leading up to
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tonight's game, we have had beat duke week, if you will. the university has for the first time in our history poured enormous amounts of resources into pep rallies and to -- free t-shirts for students a bonfire we will have mitt. certainly we are hoping for a win. >> reporter: that bonfire is scheduled to take place just a short time after the game ends. back to you. >> jackie bensen, college park. thank you, jackie. coming up, lindsay will have highlights of the game from inside the comcast center. terps looking for an upset two years in a row. >> mark kelly will leave gab -- gabrielle giffords' side for
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the man convicted of murdering chandry levy wants new trial. lawyers for ingmar guandique made the request in d.c. supreme court. back in november guandique was found guilty of first-degree murder but his lawyers say there was juror misconduct and an improper closing argument made by the prosecutors. guandique's conviction came nearly a decade after levy's disappearance and faces up to life in prison at sentencing scheduled for next friday. a suspect in at least ten burglaries in montgomery county has been locked up tonight. police say that he left his
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phone charging in somebody else's house. his name is cody wilkins. 25 years old. didn't have power in his house last friday so police say he broke into somebody else's house to plug in his phone. after tracking that phone back to wilkins police say they found electronics and jewelry that were stolen from break-ins in aspen hill and silver spring. the husband of arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords will be in washington in the morning. mark kelly will deliver the closing prayer at the national prayer breakfast on behalf of his wounded wife. president obama will also speak at that event. representative giffords remains at a rehab hospital in houston after she was shot in tucson last month. kelly sent out a tweet saying his wife made lots of progress today. coming up, the stories of people who heard the roof collapsing and decided maybe it is time to get out. >> doug will show us how low the temperatures will go overnight.
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>> and we will get back to college park to see how things are unfolding there as the game against duke has ended.
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the massive amounts of snow in the northeast are just too much for some buildings to bear. employees at a company in massachusetts had to make a run for the exit because their building collapsed. officials say a month's roof of snow collected and that caused
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the roof to cave in. >> started to see ceiling tile debris fall. and we just -- started yelling. you know, get out of the building. get out of the building. >> everyone inside did get out all right. nobody was hurt. when the weather gets bad nobody is immune to the dangerous conditions and that includes television crews. reporter brian hamrick from our affiliate in cincinnati found out the hard way. his report starts on the campus of miami of ohio. >> reporter: the miami campus, about the only person who had a chance of getting to class was jack frost. >> can't even walk to class. i live three blocks away. >> reporter: a challenge just to stand up. >> a level from mario brothers or something. >> reporter: we headed to the thick of the ice storm in indiana. this is union, indiana. and as you can see, the roads are pretty slippery. difficult to walk on. even tougher to drive on.
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it would be easy to drive off and into a cornfield. real easy. that brings us to our next problem. failure is not an option. >> well, getting out on our own wasn't much of an option either. well, i'm sure somebody will be along in a minimum. not many cars out here. we called a tow truck. turns out he drove into a ditch as well. we are trying to get to franklin county. we hear it is really bad down there. local farmer here, daryl, came back with this monster. >> mail trucks i pulled out but never a tv. >> unless you have one of these, not a bad idea to keep it in park. >> wow. when it snows that's what you
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need to get around. get a john deere. >> we got a little bit of ice around our area. parts of indiana, four inches of ice. >> wow. >> that's horrible. >> that's horrible. >> we should be counting our blessings. we got off easy this time. >> we dodged another one. we really dodged another one. we are talking now about the plummeting temperatures as our high temperatures today reached the 50s and even the mid to upper 60s during the day today. you may have walked out around noon, 1:00, and said wow. spring. finally. i actually heard the birds chirping today in quite some time. maybe back in their nest tomorrow. because it is going to be another cold one. high today is 52 degrees officially at the airport. that's the warmest day in two weeks. only the fourth day so far this year we have seen the temperature above 50 degrees. 34, current temperature. windchill of 26. a much colder evening right now and look at the numbers around the area. the wind still gusting upwards of 40 miles an hour in hagerstown. 25 in frederick.
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21 miles an hour in clinton, down towards laplata, gusts of 29 degrees. add in the wind and you get a wind chill. temperatures around 29 in hagerstown, 31 in sterling. 34 in manassas. you get the wind and you are going to feel like the teens. 13 in hagerstown. 20 in sterling. 26 right here in the district. right now 22 towards clinton and andrews air force base. something else to worry about, we have heard reports of some freezing of the roads out there because of all the melting we saw during the day today. montgomery county and a few other places do now have salt trucks out. be careful. you could run into a lot of black ice during the evening tonight. look at the high temperatures down to our south. 68 in richmond. 72 in norfolk. to the west, it was still mild out here. cincinnati was at 49. look at the current numbers. 22 in cincinnati. 21 in columbus. 22 in elkins. cold air is going to continue to make its way into our region overnight tonight. it is going to be a very cold night and a very cold morning. our storm sis temperature moving
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away and taking all the warm air we saw today out bit and in comes the cold. arctic area of high pressure building in and sliding off to the east during the day friday and by saturday, well, we have this to look forward to. another storm system that will move up the coast. i think it will be a little bit too far inland to give us any snow. places to the north and west where they did see light icing this morning could see more in the way of ice up there towards hagerstown and maybe around martinsburg and portions of west virginia and western portions of maryland as well. we are going to watch this system very carefully over the next couple of days. just in case it is a little bit cooler. this is where i'm talking about. mostly rain from the i-95 corridor north and east. there could be more problems during the day saturday. good news is super bowl sunday is looking good. mostly clear tomorrow morning. breezy and cold. wind chills between 10 and 15 degrees. winds out of the northwest at 15 to 20 miles an hour. tomorrow afternoon highs only in the low to mid 30s. wind chills, i think, will be in the 20s all day long.
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so what a difference a day makes there. it will feel 30 degrees cooler during the day tomorrow. there is our nice day friday, high of 42. get back to the storm on saturday. pretty nice day sunday. looking good on monday. and then another storm on tuesday and that storm will actually not be big press tiptationwise lutd butt will bring in warm air behind it. >> sunshine this afternoon a distant memory now. >> it felt good. >> sure did. a big thank you from discovery for a hot dog vendor that helped out during a hostage situation. >> in sports the terps, duke. we will drink in the rich, bold taste...
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before the ref calls a penalty -- >> you gave that to him, lindh day i thought hi another sweater. i don't. i apologize to my mother. >> call the game now. >> a rough game for duke and maryland. the problem was -- here we go. number five duke coming off their most embarrassing loss of the season. sunday to unranked st. johns. if anybody knows how to met a spark is coach k. tonight the terps and gary williams had their hands full especially with duke star stengler who finished with 22 points. let's go to the comcast center. gary williams knows how intense it is when they play duke. he is determined to get this win. eight minutes left in the first half. duke was up seven and terps put muscle into it. gregory there for the slam. he finished with just eight points on the night. later in the first, maryland now behind 12. duke looked fluid.
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working around the perimeter. dawkins nailing that three to give duke more cushion. tucker takes in and carves through the duke defense. maryland down 40-33 at the half. there was also a familiar face in the crowd. second half, this is why kyle sinkler is so dangerous. smooth like a dancer. up and in. duke was pulling away again. ain't minutes left. maryland cut the lead to five. duke says not so fast. jam. blue devils beat the terps 80-62. maryland is 4-4 in the acc. we go to raleigh, north carolina. seth greenberg and virginia tech taking on sydney lowe. fashionable bow tie. hokies have the ball. jeff allen, check out the crossover and the dunk. take another look. he has the moves. allen -- yes. now you see me, now you don't.
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added 15 points, and 11 rebounds. one minute to go. hokies steal it. delaney drives. 2,000th career point. beat the wolfpack 77-69. to charlottesville. tony bennett, always looks sharp. first half. uva in white. inbound. he drains the three pointer. the cavs open the game on a 14-1 run. beyond the arc in the first half under minute to go. game tied at 42. he drives and hits the jumper and a big shot. finished with 21 points. virginia edges clemson 49-47. moving to the nfl. philadelphia eagles promoted longtime offensive line coach castillo to defensive coordinator today. what you may ask? castillo was the o-line coach for more than 15 years. he does know defense.
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playing line backer in college and also in the now defunct united states football league. from the eagles we go to an elephant who rumor has it is pretty good at picking winners. on monday, the el p fan made her prediction on who would win this year's super bowl. zoo painted two water melons with the team's colors. she crushed and eat the steelers watermelon indicating she thinks they will lose and the packers will win. she is, as my producer likes to say a pachyderm, after all. get it? packers. >> you put that up there just because -- >> because you don't think aaron rojkers w rodgers can win. >> i don't think he can win this -- >> you may be right. two great quarterbacks. timing any indication, his completion rating -- >> more than a quarterback, isn't it? >> it is the karma. leave me alone.
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bonfire going out at the university of maryland. after the duke game. jackie bensen is out there with a report on crowd control situations. jackie? >> reporter: there's not much crowd to control. big sad sigh at the end of that game. we do want to show what you we promised earlier. the bonfire that we talked about. if you can see there's music. there's a lot of students over there. i'm not sure how many because it is hard to see from here. it is a new tradition they decided to start here on the day of the maryland/duke game. of course, as we said, a very, very disappointing finish now. now they tell me we have a helicopter shot of that. see the people over there the bonfire and hear the music? i believe it is journey. people are coming both ways. they are going towards the bonfire and towards the bars. a disappointing night.
11:30 pm
>> bunch of folks out there. thanks, jackie
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officials in maryland want to hold pepco responsible for taking too long to turn the power back on. congressman holland says his constituents are fed up with the constant prolonged outages after storms. montgomery county councilman roger wants restitution fund for customers. next week lawmakers will hold hearings in indianapolis to look further into the reliability of pepco's service. last september when a gunman took hostages inside the discovery channel headquarters in silver spring. outside the building hot dog vendor cabrera knew something was wrong. he circled the building to warn employees returning from lunch not to go inside. today he was thanked for his heroics with a deluxe tricked
11:34 pm
out hot dog cart made by west coast customs. car remodeling company featured on the discovery network. >> i am very excited. beautiful. when it rains, sun, now i am really excited. yeah, thank you. thank you so much for everything. >> some discovery employees called cabrera a here and so he says he did what anyone in his position would do. >> "the tonight show" is up next. oscar nomie


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